Wednesday, December 10, 2008


And welcome to the Creations from Eden Blog! Your source for information on all things natural and little tidbits of information you may find useful for your family and loved ones. I hope to use this site as a valuable information tool for those that want to keep up to date with the latest information about all things natural.

But first, a little about me...

My name is Randi and I am the sole proprieter of an online aromatherapy, soap supply and cosmetic supply store located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada called Creations from Eden. 98% of the items I sell are 100% natural and the others are as natural as I can find without compromising quality.

I got involved with all things natural after my daughter, Samantha, was born in 2006. It originally started when she began crawling and I was worried about her transferring cleaners from the floor to her mouth, via her hands. I found a natural cleaner that works wonders and is completely non-toxic at my local health food store (see Nature's Ultimate Orange Concentrate under Household Products on my website I also noticed my asthma started to improve once I used this cleaner in place of all my big brand ones that were full of toxic ingredients. I began to research what ingredients made up our household cleaners, shampoos, soaps and other everyday items. What I discovered shocked me and that is when I decided I wanted my family to live a more natural and less synthetic existence.

In order to gain further knowledge about natural herbs, essential oils and healing, I completed my Herbal Consultation Certificate. Now I am better equipped to help my family through the use of herbs and natural products rather than exclusively using pharmaceuticals and synthetic drugs. This certification is similar to that of a regular pharmacist. I cannot diagnose illness. I can, however, administer herbal salves, tonics, teas and other natural remedies safely and in the proper dose and format. I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have about a product or herb. I would rather everyone be safe, rather than sorry. Remember, natural does NOT mean safer. Herbs, like any other remedy, must be used properly to be safe.

My next endeavor is to get my Certified Aromatologist designation. I am hoping to enroll in this program in the latter half of 2009.

After making products exclusively for my family I have decided to branch out and offer my family's favorite creations to the general public. Any Organic claims are based on Certified Organic ingredients. Natural ingredients are used exclusively when they can be. If I must use a synthetic ingredient, it is indicated in the ingredients section.

Note: Being that 99% of the ingredients I use are completely natural, shelf life is a factor. I make fresh batches of my products regularly, and most are made to order so that you, my customer, get the longest life possible out of the product. It is recommended that many of these products be refrigerated to extend the shelf life. I can add a synthetic preservative to any of my products to extend the shelf life to more than two years if requested (this is a free service and does make the product 1% less natural).

Speaking of Natural, what is Creation from Eden's definition of Natural?

The word natural gets thrown around in this industry much too often. I thought I would define the word as it pertains to my life and my products.

The definition of the word natural in this website means that the product is free from pesticides and chemicals. It means that the product is created in the most natural way possible, without human interference. Certain products such as lye and msm do not exist naturally in modern day (regardless of what you may have heard or read), but they are made in the most natural way possible in a lab setting. Micas, Oxides & Ultramarines are no longer approved for cosmetic use if straight from the earth; they are now produced in a lab setting to ensure there are no toxins such as mercury and lead. My herbs, essential oils and absolutes do not contain any man-made or synthetic ingredients (with the exception of Lavender 40/42, which is altered in a lab). And finally, I source my raw ingredients from ethical and reliable suppliers who supply products that I have the utmost confidence in. If I will not use it for my family, I will not allow it to bear the word natural.

I have been told that you cannot make a safe product without using a synthetic preservative, is this true?

This is a debate that will, unfortunately, never end. Yes, natural products can be made without the use of a synthetic preservative in a safe manner. Products made with natural preservatives do, however, have a much shorter shelf life. This is the main drawback to all 100% natural products. Essentially, the consumer has to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a completely natural product versus adding a minute amount of synthetic preservative. It is up to the individual consumer. Many larger companies do have a natural preservative system in place, however they do not disclose the details of how they do this, due to the edge they have in the market. Our manufactured products do not include water or hydrous solutions to ensure the product is not left vulnerable. However, once the product leaves our hands, some situations can leave a product vulnerable (such as using wet hands in the product or storing in the bathroom or humid conditions). At Creations from Eden we do offer the addition of a synthetic preservative in our formulations if you have any hesitation or concern.