Monday, May 25, 2009

Newsletter: Chase Creative preorder plus coupon!

Hi all!
At Creations from Eden we are offering another preorder for June! This preorder consists of Chase Creative Molds. These molds are absolutely amazing, extremely detailed and the material makes them very easy to pop your soaps out without losing any detail. I have been playing with various ones for the last month and am very pleased with the outcome. To take a sneak peek at soap produced from these molds go to Natural Painted Soaps. There are also directions on how to accomplish these soaps right here in our blog.

Tired of the same old thing? These molds definitely stand out and offer unlimited creativity. Being that we are the first distributor, other then the manufacturer, you can guarantee these molds will be a unique offer to your customer base.

For more details of this preorder, please go to Chase Creative Molds Preorder To top it off, we are offering our customers an additional 5% discount on your next order, above and beyond your current discount (including sale prices) if you are willing to help us out with a little research. It is simple and may prove enjoyable! Go to the Chase Creative Molds website and look through the molds (I know, there are many)... email us a list of the top 10 to 15 molds you like the best (I'm giving lots of leeway as there are so many to choose from and choosing a mere 10 is almost impossible). Keep in mind, even if they do not say they are available to Canada, we can stock them.

Upon receipt of your email, we will email you a coupon code with your discount +5% to be used on any one purchase. There is no obligation to buy the molds you list, it is merely a way for us to get an insight into what our customers would like to see.

We are also currently running a special on almost all of our Essential oils and Fragrance oils until May 31, 2009. Please take a look!

I hope to hear from you all soon!

Happy Creating !

Thank you,

Randi Carr

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