Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newsletter: Bulk buys, new stock and lower pricing!

Hi all!

As the Christmas season is fast approaching we are doing our best at Creations from Eden Inc to bring in large quantities of product to facilitate our customers needs. We now have 5 gallon pail quantities of Coconut 76, Palm and Glycerin. Coming within the next 3 weeks we have Castor Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Almond Oil and Organic Coconut Oil also available in 5 gallon sizing. Please see our bulk section for more on these products.

In addition to the above, we would like to extend an offer to our customers to see how much interest it generates. We are offering Pomace Grade Olive Oil in 18KG (close to 19.9L) quantities for a price of $185.79. However, if we have more than 6 pails preordered we will lower the price to $170.40. If you are interested and would like to only purchase it if the minimum is met, please email me and let me know.

We are also taking orders for the following (quantities are in brackets, these are US gallons, for approximate weight/volume please email):

Babassu oil (gallon, 5 gallon)
Organic Palm Kernel (5 gallon)
Organic Palm (5 gallon)
Organic Castor Oil (5 gallon)
Jojoba Clear & Golden (5 gallon)
Olive Squalane (gallon, 5 gallon)
High Oleic Sunflower & Safflower (5 gallon)

Organic Palm Stearin (gallon, 5 gallon)
Organic Palm Kernel Stearin (gallon, 5 gallon)
Rice Bran Oil (Refined and Unrefined) (5 gallon)
Organic Rice Bran (gallon, 5 gallon)
Organic Soybean Oil (gallon, 5 gallon)
Refined Mango Butter 25KG...
Natural Organic Cocoa Butter 25KG
Organic Refined Shea 25KG
Organic Deodorized Cocoa Butter 25KG

And the same goes for the above as for Olive Oil, if 6 or more 5 gallon pails are ordered pricing will be lower (as we can justify ordering drums at that point). Please email for a price list. The order will be going in next week, so please act fast.

New and back in stock!
~ Jojoba Clear
~ White Beeswax
~ Clear PET low profile jars with black lids 2oz, 4oz and 8oz

~ 1oz Cosmetic Double Walled jars with domed lids.
~ Shea Butter Organic Refined
~ Hempseed Unrefined Conventional
~ Hempseed Unrefined Organic
~ Cetyl Alcohol
~ Safety Glasses

Arriving Soon!
~ Wheatgerm Oil Refined
~ Rice Bran Oil Refined
~ Deodorized Cocoa Butter
~ Fractionated Coconut Oil
~ Sweet Almond Oil
~ Tucuma Butter
~ Milky Way Molds & Stamps
~ Pine Essential oil
~ Dark Patchouli
~ Larger quantities of various Essential Oils such as lime, lemongrass, orange and Tea Tree!

We have managed to negotiate lower pricing on the following:
~ Cetyl alcohol
~ Glycerin
~ Natural Mango Butter
~ PH Strips
~ Natural Shea Butter
~ Refined Shea Butter
~ Sodium Hydroxide
~ Stearic Acid Triple Pressed

Watch for lower pricing on many more items in the weeks to come!

Please be advised we will be closed Monday, October 5th for supplier meetings. If you have anything on your wish list, please let us know so we can bring it up in the meeting. Items so far are BTMS, DLS Mild, Cromollient, Honey Quat and more. If you are interested in any of these products and have not let us know, please do so. The more interest we receive in a product, the more likely we are to bring it in. Also note we have a wish list under “discussions” on our Facebook page (as well as regular shipment updates and tidbits of information) that I review regularly.

Thank you all once again, for your patience in this time of transition for us. We greatly appreciate it!

Happy Creating!

Randi Carr

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