Friday, July 10, 2009

Newsletter: Important Creations from Eden update!

I would once like to start by thanking each and every one of you for making Creations from Eden what it is today. With that said, we are experiencing some wonderful and big changes currently and I feel it is time to fill everyone in.

When I started in March 2008, I had little idea that this little hobby business was going to explode like it has. My little home business has grown and flourished and unfortunately, and fortunately, has grown out of my 12 x 10 room in the basement (much to my hubby's dismay as he just built it recently). I have watched beginner crafters turn their hobbies into flourishing businesses and the hobbyists perfect their creations. With this came a greater demand for better pricing, larger quantities and more product options. With that said we have some pretty big changes happening with CfE in the works.

As I type, documents are being looked over by our accountant and lawyer and the name Creations from Eden will soon be followed with three little letters indicating we have incorporated. The rust bucket in the garage, some (hubby) like to refer to as a truck in my household, is being hauled away and the garage is being turned into a climate controlled warehouse to house the increasing stock. We are negotiating with suppliers, both new and old, to bring our pricing down and bring in larger bulk size quantities. Creations from Eden will no longer be me, but a two man operation as I am taking on a partner to help with the administrative tasks. Please welcome Pete Kennedy to Creations from Eden and please be gentle on him, he is learning (hehe).

So thank you to everyone for being patient during this transition and please forgive me if orders and responses are a bit delayed. We hope to have everything ready to go by mid-August for all of your Christmas supply needs. If you would like to see a product we do not carry there a couple ways to reach us:
1. Our Facebook Page has a product request thread under "discussions" which I do frequent at least once a day. This can be found
2. Send an email to with your request.
We have access to most products, and for the most part, are willing to bring in what our customers would like to see.

Even though we are expanding, please rest assured, we will still be offering the same quality, atmosphere and customer service we have based Creations from Eden upon from the start.

Once again, thank you all and Happy Creating!

Randi Carr

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  1. This is awesome, Randi ... so glad your business is growing! We've taken over the garage here as well, due to our own growth. LOL (((hugs)))