Thursday, July 16, 2009

What to do with all this soap?!

Have you soapmakers out there ever wondered what to do with all of your less than perfect soap? The end pieces, scraps and the unsellable experiments that did not go quite right, but are still soap and safe to use? There are actually three ways to get use out of these creations.

The first: If it's not lye heavy, fully cured and just not what you wanted... give it to a homeless shelter! Your hand crafted soap would be such a luxurious gift to those that rarely get to use soap, nevermind authentic true soap!

The second: If it is a little caustic or lye heavy it can always be turned into laundry soap by grating it up and tossing it into the washer. I'll add the recipe soon.

The third: Rebatch (aka handmill)... although most people hate this idea and the whole process of it, it can save your whole batch!

So, please don't throw any soap out. It can always be used or turned into something else!

Happy Creating!

Randi Carr

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