Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Basic Soap Making Recipes

Basic homemade soap recipes are ones that have no frills, no additives and provide you with a clean slate to create your own soapmaking masterpieces.

Simply pick the soap recipe that suits your wants or needs and then start creating. Add some scent, pick a design idea, choose a color option.....there are so many possiblities that you'll find it hard to decide what to try first.

All of the recipes listed below can be made using either the
cold process or hot process methods of soap making.

Whichever method you decide to use, I urge you once again to run the recipe through a
lye calculator before starting. This habit is important to develope, it ensures that all homemade soap recipes you use are correct when you start and it encourages you to start exploring on your own with new and improved formulas that you have created.

Have fun and happy soaping!

Courtesy of Cathy at Soap-making-Essentials.com.

For the recipes click on this link.

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