Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Newsletter: Blog, Facebook Page & More!

At Creations from Eden we have been very busy updating the website and adding more information pages to benefit our customers.

You can see our new sites by going to Facebook and Blog. Please let us know if either link does not work. They can also be reached by going to our home page at and clicking on the links on the top of the page.

Use our discussion forums on Facebook to ask questions, share success stories and post pics of your creations! Use the blog for recipe ideas, how-to informtaion and general information on natural products, herbs and essential oils.

From now until the end of June, we are running specials on all of our natural flavour oils, natural colourants, clays and books as well as a few miscellaneous other products. And don't forget to go to the Chase Creative molds website and name your top 10-15 molds for an additional 5% off your next order!

Also, please note, we have changed the free shipping minimum to $250 due to rising shipping costs and special orders now have to be ordered on a seperate order so they do not get lost in the mix (additional shipping applies on special orders).

We have had some questions about bulk pricing and ordering larger quantities than what is available on the website.

We are more than willing to order in larger quantities than what is posted on the website. Often we have larger amounts, but the sizes on the website reflect the quantity that most people purchase. For instance, Coconut oil, if you want an 18KG barrel of coconut oil, it will cost you much less per lb to buy it this way... the drawback is we have to order it in due to limited inventory space. We generally have this quantity, but to be fair to everyone, we keep that amount on hand. If we order it in it may take up to 6 weeks (on the outside) to receive as we add it to our next product order.

Essential oils bought in 1lb (approximately 500mL depending on the eo) quantities and up can also save you.

The same goes for micas, bases, packaging, etc. Some items we cannot go lower as we are giving the lowest price we can (especially for those that receive the 15% off loyalty discount).
Additional discounts (such as the loyalty discount) do not apply when purchasing in bulk.
Much of our stock comes from the US and is based on US Dollar pricing. So depending on the dollar at that point is what we'll quote you. For this reason prices are subject to change. Quotes are valid for 14 days from date issued. Free shipping does not apply on these items.

Happy Creating everyone!

Randi Carr

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