Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pina Coloda Lip Gloss

Pina Coloda Lip Gloss- Courtesy of Jane at

Here's my recipe:
Castor Oil - 50 gram
Aloe Butter - 30 gram
Avocado Butter - 30 gram
Beeswax - 30 gram
Mango Butter - 15 gram
Pina Colada Flavouring Oil - 10 gram (I used my lollipop flavourings)
A dab of Lip Balm colourant
Ultra Fine Iridescent Glitter - 0.60 cc

Packaged into lip balm tubes & lip balm jars. This recipe filled 30 tubes and 3 jars.

It's creamy, dreamy & luscious feeling. Of course you can substitute any quality flavouring oil.

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