Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cream Soap Recipe

Cream Soap Recipe:
Recipe courtesy of Jannie at Rainbow Soap

7.5 gram - Castor Oil
2.0 gram - Jojoba Oil
10.0 gram - Olive Oil
5.0 gram - Shea Butter
30.0 gram - Coconut Oil
20.0 gram - Palm Oil
90.0 gram - Stearic Acid
51.2 gram - Glycerin

Lye Mixture:
Sodium Hydroxide - 5.1 gram
Potassium Hydroxide - 25.4 gram
Water - 91.6 gram

Melted Stearic Acid - 2.5 gram
Glycerin (mix with above Stearic Acid) - 3.7 gram

Second Measure:
Aloe Juice or Water - 91.6 gram
Aloe Juice (extra, you may not need this) - 25 gram

Allantoin - 4.6 gram
Kaolin Clay - 2.3 gram
Hydrolyzed Silk - 4.6 gram *Note* The link goes to a liquid form of silk, the weight here is not accurate if you substitute it!
Goat's Milk Powder - 4.6 gram

* Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees (place a cookie sheet under where your soap pot will rest in case of spills
* Place oils/butters and first glycerin measure in the soap pot. Heat until solids are just melted.
* Add both lyes to the first water measure. Set aside to cool.
* Add the lye water to the oils/butters/glycerin mixture and stick blend until mixture is somewhat smooth and uniform ... work quickly ... once this sets up, it goes very fast.
* Let soap rest for a couple of minutes.
* Place the lid on the pot ... Put in the oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
* Check every 15 minutes, stir ... replace the lid
* Heat the stearic acid/glycerin blend until melted ... add to hot soap.
* Turn off the oven. Turn on the oven light. Leave the covered pot in for 24 hours.
* Whip it ... Whip it good! Take a spoon and massage the mass ... when it loosens enough (this takes some time and is hard on the arms).
* Using the stick blender ... Alternate adding Aloe juice and stick blending until it resembles frosting. * Add your additives. Stirring in by hand.
* Transfer to a glass or ceramic dish that has a lid. Cover the bowl/dish and cure for two weeks or longer.
* Whip the soap ... if you are happy with the texture ... you're ready for colour & scent. If the soap is too thin ... let it sit uncovered to evaporate out a bit of the water (a couple of days is good). Too thick? Add a bit of that aloe juice that was held in reserve. Adding by 1/4 tsp. at a time.
* Colour & Scent as desired.
* Packaging ... thicker soap works best in jars ... thinner soap works well in dispensers or tubes.


  1. This looks like fun - a new challenge!

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